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The Therapist

Brooke McFadden L.C.M.T and Massage Instructor

Hi, my name is Brooke McFadden. I am a mother of 3 young boys, a wife, and a business owner. I LOVE massage therapy and the art of healing. I have been doing massage therapy for over 6 years and working in a variety of areas including a local chiropractic clinic. I work with pregnant woman, infants, children, youth, athletes of all ages, all genders, elderly, chemotherapy patients, diabetics, joint replacement & physical therapy patients.

The reality is EVERYONE needs touch and healing, We ALL have muscles that sometimes need help! My life's mission is to find those who are broken or in pain, and to mend and soothe in as many ways as I am welcome. Massage should be a mind, body and soul journey. I am always open to be a listening ear and safe sounding board for anyone's personal journey.

As a Massage Therapy Instructor I have created private workshops for couples, friends, parents, care givers, trainers and more, to learn the basic fundamentals of massage therapy. So many people want to know how to rub their spouses back, or work on their grandmas swollen feet, or to ease sore muscles of your growing teen after a game; but don't want to spend thousands of dollars and a ton of time to get this basic knowledge. I want to help everyone, achieve that possibility to learn the basic techniques of touch, relaxation and breathing to pass on my knowledge and help re-establish to bond of "natural healing touch" and human connection.

**TOP SELLER** - Microderm Abrasion exfoliating facial scrub! This EUPHORIC experience includes: a rejuvenating 45 min pampering session with, aromatherapy steam towels, facial cleansing scrub, refreshing eye pads for inflammation and puffiness, a lip masque and peel, followed by a face, neck and shoulder massage; topped with a hand and foot exfoliating scrub and massage. It truly is a experience of it's own. As a beauticonrol representative I also get to use the top of the line skin care, make up and SPA products. **ALSO SOLD RETAIL**

I sell retail products such as : Lotion, oils, salt and sugar scrubs, Massage tables, massage chairs, sheets, neck wraps and MUCH MORE!